The Goddess Incarnate

This is a rather scewed myth. I've heard it mentioned in many "circles", but little is really known. Here is the info that I have on it so far.

In the begining there were 4 sisters, Gaia, Tiamat, Luna, and Revica. Allegedly it is said that in the later days, a fifth would arise. That when the Powers That Be, lose all sight of humanity, a mortal woman would be born. She would ascend into the cosmos after her death, and become the 5th sister. She would be known as the Goddess of Balance. Now I'm not sure I am spelling this right, but I believe the name is spelled, Vahreejahnaheeya (va-rE-ja-na-E-ya)

It is said she will be the last hope for humanity. That the greatest warriors and healers of the old ways, will seek her out in the last days. They will find her with the Chosen One of Ancient Babylon, and a Beast by her side. She will make her home in the deserts of the new world, and her home will be open to all.

It is said that even Devils and Demons will know love in her presence. And all will stand at her side, against the "creators of lies", and "the evil from the stars".

If anyone has information to add to this, please do so. Thank you.

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