The Chosen One

Though many ancient and modern races have their own stories of a great hero, one of the greatest is the Chosen One of Babylon. Only slightly mentioned in various stories. His name was Caldic Ton, he was the son of a Babylonian woman and a Nordic man. His father died early in his life, and he was forced to grow without a father. He joined the military early in life, and quickly forged a name for himself. Known as the "Hooded General", because of the cloak he wore, he was a giant among men. Having a good repor with the Emperor of his time, he and his best friend, Garren Grags, forged a path of peace and power for ancient Babylon.

As time would pass the Emperor would take on an advisor known as Torronis. Then not long after, the Emperor began to make harsh and cruel judgements on the peoples of the surrounding lands. Caldic became enraged when he was ordered to destroy his home town. He refused, and told the Emperor that if and member of this military ever stepped foot in his native village, it would mean the end of Babylon.

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