Tarot The 5 Of Wands


feeling everyone is at cross-purposes
being torn by dissension
quarreling, arguing and bickering
becoming embroiled in a debate
being at odds with others
quibbling over details

experiencing competition
feeling the thrill of the contest
going against an opponent
rising to the challenge
being involved in a game or sport
trying to outdo yourself
going for the gold
looking for a fight
having a rival
being challenged by an upstart

experiencing hassles
getting annoyed by demands
having minor setbacks
needing to take care of details
suffering from irritations
being bothered by trivialities

OPPOSING CARDS: Some Possibilities

Temperance - balance, agreement, working together
World - integration, working together
Two of Cups - truce, agreement, coming together
Two of Pentacles - working smoothly, getting people together
Three of Pentacles - teamwork, cooperation

REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities

Seven of Wands - opposition, fighting
Ten of Wands - struggle, hassles, meeting resistance
Five of Swords - discord, people set against each other


You wake up and stub your toe going to the bathroom. You're in the shower and find out there's no soap. At breakfast, you get juice on your shirt. When you get to the car, your battery is dead. It's going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [note]. You're beset by hassles - those petty annoyances that are infuriating because they are so minor.

The Five of Wands stands for times when your environment seems to be fighting you. Nothing flows smoothly; everyone is working at cross-purposes. The figures on this card are all batting at each other. There is no coordinated effort, no agreement. When this card shows up, be prepared for a bumpy ride. You're going to need extra patience and perseverance to get to the point where you can accomplish something. The Five of Wands does not represent major blockages, just many small, irritating ones.

This card also stands for competition. In the right circumstances, competition is useful. It fosters extra effort, generates excitement and encourages the best. When the Five of Wands appears in a reading, check for competitive elements. You may be involved in a contest, race or game. You may discover you have rivals who are opposing you or challenging your position. You may feel disheartened (or invigorated!) by the dog-eat-dog environment you find yourself in. At its heart, competition is divisive. Make sure it is helping you and others reach your true goals. Otherwise, work toward cooperation.

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