Tarot Temperance


being temperate
finding the middle ground
showing moderation
avoiding excess
mitigating a harsh position
looking for the golden mean
reaching a compromise
offsetting an extreme

maintaining balance
experiencing harmony
achieving equilibrium
bringing together opposites
recognizing all sides
fostering cooperation
feeling centered and secure

experiencing health
renewing energy and vigor
enjoying well-being

combining forces
gathering together what is needed
joining with others
finding the right mix
creating synthesis
getting it all together

OPPOSING CARDS: Some Possibilities

Tower - extremes, exploding apart
Five of Wands - disagreement, competition, imbalance
Seven of Cups - excess, overindulgence
Five of Swords - discord, lack of harmony
Five of Pentacles - ill-health

REINFORCING CARDSA: Some Possibilities

World - integration, synthesis, combination
Two of Cups - connection, working together
Three of Cups - joining forces, working together
Two of Pentacles - balance, finding the right mix
Three of Pentacles - teamwork, combining


There are certain people who exude a kind of quiet composure. They may not say much, but they go about their business with an air of calm deliberation. Their presence is comforting because they are so centered. For me, this is the energy of Temperance.

To be temperate is to show moderation and self-restraint. In a world full of enticing indulgences, it is often necessary to find the middle ground. Sensible, maybe, but also a bit boring? The energy of Temperance may seem unexciting on the surface, but it is the calm of a hurricane's eye. All around are swirling winds, but in the center is a still point that brings everything into balance.

In readings, Temperance can represent a need for moderation, especially when extreme cards are present (such as the Knights). This card can also indicate a need for balance. In conflict situations, Temperance suggests that compromise and cooperation are vital. Look for any opportunity to bring opposing parties together. In fact, to temper can mean to modify by adding a new component. By combining and recombining, we come up with the ideal mixture or solution. Temperance is the card of good health in all areas - physical, mental and emotional. When illness or dis-ease is a concern, Temperance holds out the promise of vitality and well-being.

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