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Welcome to the Akashic Hall of Records. Here we shall attempt to cheat the powers that be. This site is intended for the accumulation of all spiritual knowledge. No matter how strange some of it may seem. All fantasy has it's root in fact. All members are welcome to add their personal vault of knowledge. Lets learn all they keep secret….

As a note we at Akashic.wikidot.com must state the following. Because the site is ment as a colaberation of many, we cannot validate any information contained on these pages. Neither Akashic.wikidot.com, it's parent Metabound.net, or wikidot.com can or will be held liable for any instance pertaining to any information contained on these pages. The page editors and creators also can not beheld resposible.

Any content concidered adult, illegal, or pornographic in nature will be removed, and the individual who posted will lose their account.

We hope you all enjoy the new site!

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