Luna (Goddess of the Moon)

The goddess of the moon, Luna, had a temple on the Aventine Hill. It was built in the sixth century BC, but was destroyed in the Great Fire of Rome during Nero's reign. There was also a temple dedicated to Luna Noctiluca ("Luna that shines by night") on the Palatine Hill. There were festivals in honor of Luna on March 31, August 24 and August 29

Not much is written about Luna, because over time, many other Goddesses replaced her. The last great culture to worship her, were the Romans. But the Story of Luna is quite a tale, and should be shared. As with many writtings on this site, much of this can't be confirmed, but if nothing else it makes for a good story. The beauty of spiritual beliefs is that if you believe, then they are real. Here is the story of Luna.

Luna was created by the Elder Anu, as an entity to keep his daughter Gaia company. Gaia came to know Luna as a sister. The two played through the cosmos, and created many lifeforms together. Some time later Tiamat would arrive. Tiamt was actually the second daughter of Anu, and thus older than Luna. After Tiamat created Demons, and Gaia created the Elves, Luna tried her hand at creation. Thus her children her born, The Lunarians. These blue skinned creatures of love and compasion inhabited the moon for many mellinia.

During the second attack by the dark ones, the entire race of lunarians were destroyed, save for a few, who escaped to Earth. There they forged the colony known as Atlantis. Which was also later destroyed.

It was Luna who altered the curse placed upon the people of the village of the wolf. She allowed them to walk in the day like a man, but in the full moon light, the curse would take hold.

It was during this time that Luna learned of Asmodeous's Love for her, and Galassya was born. Later the curse hungry Astral Council would see to it that, Luna would only see her half Devil daughter during a blue moon.

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