Emotional Empathy

Now this is a dangerous subject to get into. Emotional Empathy is described in many ways. Here we will discuss it as it pertains to spiritual and paranormal means.

One who is Emotionally Empathic, can not only sence other's emotions, but tend to take them on, themselves. Many concider this more a curse than a blessing. This is because, like most empathy, it is nearly impossible to control. Thus an "EE" can enter a room, and break down crying for no reason. Male EE's are among the hardest to tollerate. This is because men feel they need to hide their emotions, and this is not really possible for EE's.

EE's also have an ability to detect Ghosts. This makes them a must have for any Paranormal Investigation Team. They are able to detect them because Ghosts are nothing more than emotional footprints.

Female EE's are usually much stronger in their abilities, because women are more in tune with their emotions. Now this will lead some to ask, what about Homosexual Men. Well the exist sort of in between men and women. Because they are more in touch with their emotions than most males, but lack the life creating energies that women have. The same can be said for females that are lesbian.

Moving on

Now mind you, all that is written here is based on my experiences, and the experiences of those i know. If you feel i have written something in error, or that I have left out some important information. PLease feel free to add it here. Or you can email me at the address listed at the top of this page, and i will add whatever info you wish to be added. Thank you.

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