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Asmodeus, also known as Ashmadia, most likely originated from the Persian Aeshma-deva ("demon of wrath").

The apocryphal Book of Tobit describes an instance where Raguel's daughter, Sarah, was tormented by the demon. She was married to seven times, each time the Asmodeus killed off the husband before they could have intercourse. Sarah, was about to hang herself in grief, but decided against it after thinking about the shame it would cause her father. She then prayed to God for death.

God answered her prayer by sending the angel, Raphael, to her aid. He instructed Tobiah to place fish liver and heart on the embers for incense. Asmodeus was repelled by the odor:

"The demon, repelled by the odor of the fish, fled into Upper Egypt; Raphael pursued him there and bound him hand and foot." - Book of Tobit 8:3
In the Testament of Solomon (dated 1st - 3rd centuries CE) , Solomon invokes Asmodeus to aid in the construction of the Temple. The demon appears and predicts Solomon's kingdom will one day be divided.

"My constellation (is like an animal which) reclines in its den in heaven; some men call me the Great Bear, but others the Offspring of a Dragon. Moreover, a smaller constellation accompanies my constellation, for the high position and throne of my father is always in the sky. So do not ask me so many things, Solomon, for eventually your kingdom will be divided. This glory of yours is temporary. You have us to torture for a little while; then we shall disperse among human beings again with the result that we shall be worshiped as gods because men do not know the names of the angels who rule over us." - Testament of Solomon 5:4-5
After Asmodeus had spoken, Solomon ordered him to state his name and activities, to which the demon responded that he:

"Is always hatching plots against newlyweds; I mar the beauty of virgins and cause their hearts to grow cold"
- Testament of Solomon 5:7
When Solomon interrogated Asmodeus further, he learned that Asmodeus was thwarted by the angel, Raphael, as well as sheatfish found in the rivers of Assyria. He also admitted he hated water.

Milton writes in Paradise Lost

Better pleased
Than Asmodeus with the fishy fume
That drove him, though enamoured, from the spouse
Of Tobit's son, and with a vengeance sent
From Media post to Egypt, there fast bound.
- Paradise Lost , iv. 167—71.

Little Known Stories

Asmodeous was cast out of the Astral long before the days of Jahovah. Which means before the days of Lucifer's reign in Hell. Asmodeous was the original ruler of the realm, cast down by Anu, King of all Kings, and God of all Gods. Asmodeous had taken quite a liking to the Goddess Luna, and this made Anu very unhappy. Anu warned Asmodeous to stay away from his Daughter Luna, that love would only do her more harm than good. This angered Asmodeous to no end. He challenged Anu's Rulership abilities. A war began, one that lasted over 12,000 years. In the end, the Astral realm was victorious, and Asmodeous as well as his followers, were cast down to Earth.

It is said that the extreme speed of the "casting down" is what changed their appearence. Once silvery skinned avatars, now looked like Demonic half breeds.

Asmodeous and his followers found the above world to be much to cold, and so the moved underground. They found the ancient cities once populated by demons, this became their new home. It was thusly named Hell, after an ancient Goddess of the underworld, to whom Asmodeous was once a friend. The surface dwellers came to know these fallen ones as Devils. The new name stuck, and was thus given to any spirit cast down from above.

Many millennia would pass, before Asmodeous would see his beloved again. The New Astral Council lead by the Babylonian God Marduk, had cursed a village of humans. The reason for the Curse was that this village still worshiped the sisters, and not the Deities. The curse was that these people would forever walk the earth as beasts that would hunt their fellow man.

The Goddess Luna took pity on these poor humans, and altered the curse as best she could. She was able to remove the curse in the light of the sun. But in the fullness of the Moon they would bare the dreaded hex. Luna swore she would always watch over them, that they would forever be her children.

Before she could leave, a dark figure appeared on the horizon. Horns adorned it's head, and tatered wings hung from it's frame. Luna was confused as to who this creature was, until he made the truth know. It was Asmodeous, and for the first time in many years, he knew joy. She asked why he had waged the war against her father, Anu. He could not believe she didn't know. Not wanted to pit father and daughter against eachother, he simply said, "He denied me, what I wanted most, within my heart" She scoffed at him, and returned to her home.

It wasn't long before Luna's sister, Tiamat, came to visit her. Luna told Tiamat of the encounter with Asmodeous, and Tiamat confirmed the story. Tiamat knew that if Luna went to see Asmodeous, it would alert the Gods. Anu had vanished many years ago, some scarcely believed him to still be alive. Tiamat knew she could not allow her brother Marduk to learn of her plot to unite Luna and Asmodeous. So she suggested her sister do something that would keep the Gods busy. Luna knew just what to do. She raged the waters of the earth, which charged the energies of the moon, turning it blue and full. This gave the wolf men of the forgotten village a new found strength. The wolf men charged off into the night, the entire village went on the hunt. The gods were busy trying to unite humanity against the wolf man uprising. This gave Luna a chance to slip down to Earth undetected. Tiamat sent word to Asmodeous to meet with Luna in the place they last spoke.

The two met in a firey passion. For four days they knew eachother in ways only Ethereal creatures could. At the end of that four days Luna returned to the Moon, and Asmodeous returned to Hell. The wolf men returned to their village with a new name, Loup Garu. And the term "once in a blue moon", was coined.

One-hundred and one years would pass and another Blue Moon would accur. Asmodeous knew what this meant, and went to Earth. But this time two females stood before him. His beloved Luna, and their daughter Galassya. But this time all would not go well. Marduk learned of Luna's presence, and appeared before them all. In a fit of rage, Marduk cast Galassya into hell, and banded Asmodeous from walking the Earth ever again. He proclaimed that Luna's punishment would be to be separated from her daughter. In a pseudo attempt at mercy, Marduk said that once every fifty years Galassya could come to earth to see her mother for four days, during the Blue Moon.

For many years Galassya spoke not a word, then one day approached her father and said, "The only way to get revenge, is to destroy their source of power. We must put an end to Humanity, let Gaia start again." And the war between Devils and Humans had begun. A war that continues onto today.

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